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Brainstorming & designthinking


Seasoned, curious, passionate, critical, solution-oriented. All were present at political party Venstres Vision Day.

The day was scheduled in order to for Venstre Køge to pinpoint their visions.

Based on designthinking and brainstorming, new and great thoughts were developed all through the day – but also the old ideas and thoughts were given a new life and taken into consideration, so the these ideas was revisited and commented on from new angles.

During the conclusion, the vision was concretized with ownership and engagement from the participants.

Quote Mette Jorsø:

Literally a brainstoming, where wild ideas and new thoughts drifted around in a playful universe, facilitated by Majbritt from PlayMyDay.“.



Better communication at meetings


As a part of Dansk Metals yearly convention, the focus was on our workshop, Playful Meetings – better communication at meetings

Meetings! Fun, boring, necessary, daily, quick, slow.. Everybody has an opinion about meetings – but absolutely a part of everyday life for most people.

How do we retain the attention at meetings, if we have not set the agenda ourselves? How do we achieve better relations and a good atmosphere, so meetings becomes more productive?

Through great involvement from the participants, many solutions and possibilities for more productive meetings were found.



Playful meetings – Playful leadership


On Counterplay´16 PlayMyDay og Dr. Samuel West held a workshop regarding Playful leadership/Playful meetings for all the participants on the conference.

On the workshop we, together with Dr. West, published his research project from Lunds University regarding PlayMyday, for the many international participants.


Meeting rEvolution 2016

Ignite and workshops


Ignite – explain your idea in 5 minutes and we had plenty of time to celebrate the small mistakes.

The Meeting revolution – the theme was breaks. How do we use them and why are they important at meetings and conferences.

Workshop #1: Energy & Atmosphere. For breaks, meetings and conferences.

Workshop #2: Breaks. How can we stimulate the network, communication and knowledge sharing through Playful Learning.



– 100 meetingplanners on a 2 day conference concerning new knowledge and learning


The workshop Playful Meetings, that creates better meetings and improves communication, energy & atmosphere through a playful approach, was held at the beautiful Asger Jorn Museum.