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Welcome to Play My Day!

Play should be easy, but it is actually quite difficult. I have a passion for the playful approach. I love the moments where time seems to disappear and magic occurs. However, what often happens is that my head starts processing, planning and trying to “figure it all out in advance.”


For 20 years, we have worked with play at Koncept Kompagniet, that is what you might call solid experience!

Nevertheless, experience is not always a competence. It takes courage and a great deal of patience to launch something as contradictory as “serious play”.

I’ve been like a horse before a big race. I would like to just start right away and to go full gallop all the way. This describes how I usually do it. Just jump right into it, and then try to figure it all out along the way.

There has been some resistance, but surprisingly mostly from myself.

Suddenly, play seemed a bit too easy and weightless, especially when I had to explain the project to others. My passion and the story about making everyone – both adults and kids – play some more, is something that is easy to grasp – but how should we proceed?

Suddenly, play was something much more complicated … In the evenings, I found myself reading scientific journals about neuroscience and gamification, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation – and all I really ever wanted was to play.


I still want to play, and I’m looking forward to inspiring you to play more at work or at home. We don’t all play in the same way – or do we? In the past, it was a bonus to send the kids out to play – but now their main priority is to reach another level. The question is, whether I’m any better than them? Most times, I have to send an email first, look at updates on social media, take care of the laundry … so the list continues …

Serious play research shows that play at work fosters many advantages, but do we really want to have yet another strategy stuffed down our throats? Play has become so serious that universities are now hiring play researchers. In this regard, play researcher Anne Charlotte Thorsted from Aalborg University states my favourite quote:


»Play is a bit like falling in love. It’s not something you just decide by saying: “Now I’m in love.”. It requires effort, and that you put something at stake. But when you make the effort, you get it a thousand times back.«


To me, play is a lot simpler. It can be an activity or just an approach. Play is something I can do, when I need a laugh or a break. When I play, I can dream and make fun. I get lots of energy … and the best thing is, that I can do it together with others.

We have a vision stating that we want to achieve world supremacy through play. I admit it might be a mouthful, but it makes sense …