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Who knows? The opportunity of me putting on a Superman’s cape in the public sphere, would trigger words like embarrassing, too much, too old, and not least, why?

Nevertheless, the idea is quite pleasing to imagine what I can get away with as Superman – or perhaps more likely as Wonder Woman …


Wonder Woman is the ultimate heroine – she is a warrior with both “beauty and brains”. She has super speed, super strength and the ability to fly. Here ultimate weapon is the golden lasso the attention gets everyone she captures two tell the truth (hmmm … there’s some potential). She possesses great wisdom and insight into the feelings of others and she’s immune two others’ mind control.

She is torn between a mission right right to promote world peace and a fight all evil from the world, and she even looks good while doing it. DC Comics heroine has the whole package, and she can rule out Barbie a single “sidekick”.


In my somewhat curly brain, this means I can overpower 3 loads of laundry, whilst seeing myself fly around the world.

If I had her super strength, I could clean the whole house in a second (one hour would also be fine). If I had her bracelets, I could withstand any attack thus making bank-meetings and excel sheets seem interesting.


Wonder Woman definitely has ‘the whole package’ and she truly makes my world more playful. I love to wander the streets with a nifty smile, whilst picturing myself wearing spandex and a tiara.

In reality interest, I am not so brave – but maybe that will change?

Send me a smile and maybe even a high-five, if you see me with my golden lasso!