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” Play breaks down the barriers to change”

I use play and the Playbox to get people into a playful state of mind. I do this to facilitate change in organizations. 
Play breaks down the barriers to change. I use the box to add play elements to everyday work activities. We use play to convert theory into practice, and are always looking for tools to transform theory to practice.
The unusual stuff is the most useful. I like to place the box in the middle of the room. It makes people curious.
In a state of play collaboration and co-creation become easier. It makes people more open-minded. Sofie Halkjær

Human Univerz

” The meeting industry needs a revolution.”

I experimented at the college I work, I rearranged the furniture and gave the students the box of toys. It worked! It was fantastic. They [the students] became more involved and they paid attention instead of being on Facebook. It boosted the mood of the entire seminar  
Adding play to otherwise non-playful meetings definitely adds value, (but I want to know how it does this and why). Only novelty is not enough. Play accelerates learning, we are social creatures and we are born to learn from play.
The meeting industry needs a revolution. Play stimulates your brain, fun and happiness relaxes the brain.
Colleagues are enthusiastic about the Playbox and about using more play in teaching [in adult education].
I was sceptical at first and hate to try new things, but I am glad I decided to try the Playbox. It really doesn’t matter what is in the box. It is the concept. It helps people dare to try. Just holding a toy in their hand leads to a liberating feeling. Jens Ole Ambjerg

Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt

“As an energizer play is unbeatable”

Our clients are always looking for new ways to improve their meetings and expect us to have suggestions for ways to do so, the Playbox seemed like an easy and inexpensive way to generate interest in a fun engaging way. 

They played the game in the lounge area outside the meeting room during a ‘leg-stretcher break’. It was crazy.. they laughed and made so much noise, that I had to ask them to continue playing in their meeting room.

We are pretty good at brainstorming, but it is always fun to try new methods. We tried the basket ball net game, where you write your ideas on a paper slip and then wad it together and throw it in the net. Everyone yelled out their ideas, as they aimed for the net. There was only four of us, but you should have seen the pile of paper on the floor under the net. We had tons of ideas for new types of conference fika (Swedish for coffee and a snack)

I really think that play helps us pay attention. I don’t know how or why, it just does. As an energizer play is unbeatable.

Most people want to be playful. It is fun to be able to present something new and exciting.
The Playbox doesn’t need a long introduction, it introduces itself more or less.

Mindpark Conference Center

” Face it, most meetings are not that much fun.”

Our meetings usually aim to inform, inspire and exchange information. And we need better ways to get the participants who do not usually engage in traditional meetings to join in. With the games in [the Playbox] everyone quickly establishes common ground, and it is a great way to start off a meeting with full immersion from all participants. 
Face it, most meetings are not that much fun. And sometimes we lawyers confuse being serious with being productive.
Especially in larger meetings (more people) it is difficult to try new things. The cost of failure is higher, but the real cost is actually when we have large meetings that are bad. People don’t realize that.
Just seeing the Playbox on the table put everybody in a good mood. Even before we opened it. Christer

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